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I enlisted my daughters as testers on these since they are typically very active and tough on their nails.


As for shellac removal if they are having a re-shellac then the removal is free and they pay the shellac price., for some one who is only having removal then it is 6 pounds.

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Similar to Harmony Gelish, CND Shellac is typically only available for purchase for licensed nail professionals.

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If you want to buy cheap shellac nail polish, choose shellac nail polish from It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck.

Speak to suppliers directly and negotiate for the lowest price, discount, and good shipping fees.

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Modelones Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit, with 6W LED Lamp Base Top Coat, 6 Gels in Tiny Bottles, Portable Nail Gel Kit for Travel.

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If you are just starting out, I recommend you swatting up on the product, so you can advise your clients on exactly what it is they are getting, and that is not a gel polish.

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Having nicely manicured and polished nails is not something that I do ALL the time, but when I do take the time I like to make sure that the polish is going to last for a while.

If you have chosen to use Shellac on your nails and want to remove it with or without acetone there are actually 2-3 ways to do it at home or at a salon.The shellac is gathered by cutting the infected twigs from the trees.

I have the pre packed 10 shellac wraps in a bag for the paying clients.You have referred to Shellac as a gel polish in the title of the thread.

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Hard wearing properties, super shiny, a combination of gel and nail polish, shellac is a preferred choice for many especially those who want their manicure to last more than 2 weeks, sometimes even longer.

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The insect is about a 50th of an inch long and has a life cycle of about six months.

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If there is a stubborn spot, you can always use acetone, but honestly if there is a small spot I can normally wipe it off with my finger.From our high-profile team and technical expertise, our boundless creativity and in demand services, our uniquely friendly atmosphere and mission to please, Tips Nail Bar is simply unmatched.

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Shellac is actually a hybrid between nail polish and lamp cured gel color.Both gel polish and Shellac are additions to a traditional salon manicure.

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In general these are all quite simply shellac-based products.

Buy Shellac Gel Polish From China Professional Nail Gel Products Manufacturer.And when removed by salon professional, it melts away like bread crumbs in 10 min.CND Shellac Nail Review written by jrwarfield September 19, 2013 I did a Gel Nail Polish Review HERE about all the different polishes and which are my favorite.Just follow the simple instructions outlined below and you can chop and change your shellac nails any time you want.

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Soak, removal of existing shellac polish, nail shape and buff, full cuticle work, heel refining, choice of relaxing foot and calf massage or scrub, shellac polish of your choice and 2 Signature Nails with nail art designs. cnd shellac - Nail Polish / Nail Art & Polish